Retail Partner Perks

Let’s grow and glow together!

As a company founded, led, and operated by licensed estheticians, we know the hard work that goes into running a profitable esthetic practice, especially when it comes to the retail and product side of the business.

That’s why we offer perks like no minimums and free drop-shipping, but for pro glow-getters who want to order their Herbal Skin Solutions retail in bulk and get the absolute best bang for your buck (volume discount), these Retail Partner Perks were crafted just for you!

Not only so that you can ease the load on your retail marketing efforts, but also help boost the profitability of your practice and get a fast ROI on that retail order.

Take a peek at the Pro Retailer Perks available to you (choose between your choice of Perk1 or Perk 2) with purchase of one of the three retail partner perks bundles:

Perk 1 ($4500 value): 

Purchase one of our three product/device bundle packages, more info below), and receive a photoshoot with videography focused on highlighting you, the esthetic professional, your space (yes, we fly to you), and the Herbal Skin Solutions products and related treatments you offer in your spa.

After the photoshoot, you’ll receive a folder full of marketing media complete with reels, individual video clips, and edited photos, plus we’ll position you as a retail parter expert and preferred partner across our @herbalskinsolutions social accounts.

* Photography schedules require a minimum of a 30 days notice of requested photoshoot dates. 

Perk 2 (up to $4500 value):

We’ll fly out to you for an in-person product knowledge training with the option to receive a facial treatment. 

Perks Bundles

To receive Retailer Partner Perks, you'll need to select one of our Retail Partner Perks Bundles. We've created three unique bundles so you can select what's best for your esthetic practice and where you are in your glow-getter journey. 

BUNDLE 1 - The Herbal Skin Solutions Signature Line 

For this Retail Partner Perks Bundle, you'll receive 6 of each of the products from the signature Herbal Skin Solutions line providing you with your baseline retail inventory that sets you up for success to craft and customize regimens for your clientele. 

Get all the details of The Herbal Skin Solutions Signature Line Bundle here

BUNDLE 2 - The Signature Line + Peels + Dermaplaning Bundle

    In this bundle, you'll receive all of our products from the signature Herbal Skin Solutions line (3 of each) in addition to our signature chemical peels and dermaplaning supplies. 

    Get all the details of The Signature Line + Peels + Dermaplaning Bundle here

    BUNDLE 3 - All Signature Products + Devices Bundle 

    Receive all of our products from the signature Herbal Skin Solutions line (3 of each) including our signature chemical peels as well as our range of devices including everything inside our CIT Pen Package, cartridges, and My Skin Buddy and Ultrasonic Skin Scrubbers to retail, plus access to our CIT/ Micro-Needling + Nano-Infusion, Peels, & Dermaplaning Virtual Trainings. 

    Get all the details of the All Signature Products + Devices Bundle here. 

    Please note: In order to receive either perk, your spa must be within an hour of driving distance from a major airport. Additional fees apply for extended travel time. 

    If you need support in placing your order and selecting which bundle will be the best for you, get in touch with us and we’d be happy to help guide you!