Growing Kindness Campaign

At Herbal Skin Solutions, kindness is treasured as a universal currency—a precious gift bestowed freely yet holding immeasurable worth. We are firm believers in cultivating compassion in all facets of existence—for ourselves, for others, for animals, and for our planet. We passionately advocate for everyone to embrace their innermost kindness, understanding that authenticity and compassion are the true markers of bravery.

To kickstart this initiative, we've created several pull-tab flyers, each with its own unique message and accompanying affirmations. Throughout the month of June, these flyers will be offered as a gift with purchase, inspiring others to take part in spreading kindness in their local communities. The best part? We're planning on printing them on seed paper so they can be planted and bloom into wildflowers, spreading beauty as they grow!

As an integral part of our campaign, we warmly invite anyone to access and print flyers here, empowering you to distribute these messages of kindness throughout your communities. We kindly request you to share your efforts on social media platforms like Instagram/Facebook by posting a photo of your hung-up flyer and tagging @herbalskinsolutions. In deep appreciation of the commitment to spreading kindness, we pledge to plant a fruit-bearing tree in your honor—a tangible symbol of our gratitude for your invaluable contribution.

This initiative is open to everyone and completely free to participate in. After all, being kind is free—so why not spread it far and wide?  Let's initiate a ripple effect of kindness!

You post and tag @herbalskinsolutions, We plant!