Becoming a CIT Pen Provider


While we offer a select variety of products and devices aimed at providing results naturally, our proprietary Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) Pen is our top-seller for improving your services portfolio, increasing demand by exceeding client expectations, and boosting your bottom line.

For your clients who want results akin to those of more invasive and costly treatments such as medical lasers, strong peels, and facelifts, the CIT Pen delivers those same results naturally, with minimal contraindications, and little to no downtime.

And although we’re not the only automated device on the market, you certainly won't be left to your own devices with Herbal Skin Solutions.

What sets us apart is our ongoing support and team of educators who work with you by providing training to ensure you’re performing CIT treatments safely and effectively to garner the best results for your clients and patients.

Because your success is our purpose.

And included as one of many benefits of becoming a professional CIT Pen provider – is this exclusive resources page. 

Once you’ve purchased a CIT Pen, you will gain access to a variety of resources to help you succeed with integrating the CIT Pen into your menu of services and esthetic practice including: 

  • Protocol and Instructional Videos - Watch our CIT Pen protocol video and additional vlogs showcasing how our CIT Pen Providers are using our micro-needling device.
  • Ready-to-Go Documents - Consent forms, study materials, and templates for your new CIT Pen.
  • Online CIT/Microneedling Training - Sign up for our complimentary online training where all information pertaining to CIT pen Micro-Needling and Nano-Infusion is facilitated. This material is designed to help you give your client’s a safe experience and optimal results, and become an official CIT Pen Provider.
  • Marketing Materials Library - Once you’ve become an official CIT Pen Provider, you’ll get the perks of additional materials to help you market and share your new services. This tab contains our library of marketing materials for you to use and have customized.
  • Extended Warranty - Access to our 3-year Extended Warranty
  • Exclusive CIT Pen Providers community - Additional trainings and tips, plus a place to ask questions and receive educator and peer support, our exclusive community of CIT Pen Providers is an invaluable resource for our pro glow-getters integrating CIT into their practice. 

New CIT Pen owners will be granted access to this locked resource within 24 – 48 business hours after purchase of the CIT Pen.

Click here to learn more about our two CIT packages, the CIT Pen Package and the CIT Pen Ultimate Package, and let’s glow get it!

Additional Resources to Peruse: 

  • Explore our FAQs / Help Center with answers to frequently asked questions about becoming a CIT Pen Provider and offering Collagen Induction Therapy / Microneedling treatments in your esthetic practice