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Who administers a Collagen Induction Therapy treatment?

May I perform this treatment as a solo esthetician?

What training or support is included with the CIT purchase?

Do you offer advanced hands on training?

What about liability protection?

What skin conditions does the CIT Pen target?

CIT achievements:

How is the CIT treatment administered?

How does CIT work on a cellular level?

When should a patient expect to see results?

What to expect after a CIT pen treatment?

Can the CIT Pen be used on ethnic skin types?

Can CIT help clients with Rosacea?

How many treatments will each patient need?

Is Micro-needling/CIT painful?

Which numbing cream should I use if needed?

How do I hold the CIT Pen?

Cosmetic vs. Medical Micro-Needling:

How can PRP benefit CIT?

What should I use post-treatment?

Key ingredients in CIT Enhancement Serum:

Are there any side effects to micro-needling/CIT?

What are the contraindications for CIT treatment?

If my client experiences side effects such as swelling, stinging sensation, and / or discomfort what products should I recommend?

Safety and Sanitation:

What are the stages to wound healing in relation to CIT?

Is the CIT Pen FDA approved?

Why am I not able to view pricing or place orders after immediately creating an account?

What to do if items are missing from my delivered order?

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