Our Mission

Herbal Skin Solutions was created to deliver cost efficient, natural, anti-aging treatments to the Aesthetic Industry. Offering our Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) micro-needling pen and products will help you as a provider exceed your patient’s needs & expectations by giving them the most beneficial treatment. Your overall profit & demographic will increase with this addition to your services portfolio.

Why Us?

 Our on-going support  is what sets us apart from the many automated devices on the market. Our team of educators works with you in a live-online training session to ensure you are working safely and feel confident to perform the CIT treatment. Our team of graphic designers are available to create beautiful advertisements for your business. As always, these services are complimentary upon purchase of our devices.
Your success is our success. 

Our CIT pen is a safe, fast, effective way to boost your clinic’s revenue stream.
Your patients will reap the rewards with little to no downtime. This procedure replaces more invasive, timely, and expensive treatments, e.g., medical lasers, strong peels, and face lifts. It is ideal for patients that want results naturally and with minimal contraindications. This service is a great option to add to your existing menu of services. Each patient’s results will continue to enhance following their treatment(s) as fibroblast cells multiply, increasing collagen and elastin production in the skin. We highly recommend taking before and after photos to show real un-filtered results.

CIT Pen Break Even Chart

The CIT Pen package includes all supplies necessary for three treatments which will allow skin care professionals to cover the cost & begin profiting from the device.
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