With the value of the global anti-aging market expected to balloon north of 300 billion in the next four years* and natural wellness trends continuing to drive a wave of change for the skin care industry, now more than ever, licensed estheticians and skin care professionals need to expand the breadth of their knowledge and services.

That’s why at Herbal Skin Solutions, we’re devoted to helping you stay on the forefront of the aesthetic industry by providing a range of exceptional natural products and devices allowing you to deliver cost-efficient, natural, anti-aging treatments to your clients and patients.


While we offer a select variety of products and devices aimed at providing results naturally, our proprietary Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) Pen is our top-seller for improving your services portfolio, increasing demand by exceeding client expectations, and boosting your bottom line.

For your clients who want results akin to those of more invasive and costly treatments such as medical lasers, strong peels, and facelifts, the CIT Pen delivers those same results naturally, with minimal contraindications, and little to no downtime.

And although we’re not the only automated device on the market, you certainly won't be left to your own devices with Herbal Skin Solutions.

What sets us apart is our ongoing support and team of educators who work with you by providing training to ensure you’re performing CIT treatments safely and effectively to garner the best results for your clients and patients.

Because your success is our success.


In addition to ongoing support, training, and marketing assistance, every CIT Pen Package includes the supplies necessary for four treatments allowing you to cover the cost and begin profiting from the CIT Pen immediately.

CIT Pen Break Even Chart





Meet Kaelin Jutras LE, Founder of Herbal Skin Solutions

A self-proclaimed “skin geek,” Kaelin’s passion for the aesthetic industry stemmed from an insatiable desire to learn more about her personal skin concerns.

After becoming a licensed esthetician, she found her approach increasingly rooted in holistic methods and felt the need to provide her clients with a procedure that was safe for any skin type but would still offer “wow factor” results.

Micro-needling was the answer.

As she performed micro-needling treatments with a variety of other popular devices, she came up with the idea to create the perfect application tool.

Soon after, Herbal Skin Solutions was born, and the CIT Pen created.

Kaelin had the CIT Pen made specifically for the practicing esthetician by removing the pesky cord that often got in the way with other devices, as well as adding options for higher speeds, dual batteries, and easy custom depth to allow for a variety of cosmetic or medical treatments.

Once she had the ideal device, the CIT Pen, Kaelin knew that to truly help estheticians achieve a higher level of success, she needed to provide more than a standard set of instructions.

So, along with the founding of Herbal Skin Solutions, she also began its sister platform, The Esthetics Academy, which provides a comprehensive and ongoing training program for CIT Pen providers at no additional cost so you can be truly successful in providing your clients with real results.

As today’s consumers become savvier and their desire for new natural products and new technologies skyrocket, Herbal Skin Solutions is here to help you cater to this emerging market by providing the platinum standard.

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