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A triple threat in your skincare arsenal, our Exotic Exfoliating Mask utilizes some of nature’s most potent botanicals to accelerate cellular turnover while providing an instant glow-up that reveals smoother, brighter, and tighter skin.

Containing enzymes from cranberries combined with Lactic acid, Phytic acid, and Glycolic acid, plus the soft grain of Bamboo Fibers, the luxuriously whipped Exotic Exfoliating Enzyme Mask provides the ultimate trifecta of chemical, physical and enzymatic exfoliation to bring forth your most radiant glow.

Apply a generous, even amount to damp skin across face, neck and decollete up to 2x's per week or as directed by your Skincare Professional. Gently massage into the skin with fingertips in small circular motions for 1-2 minutes. Leave on for 10-15 minutes and remove once it begins to dry with a gentle face cloth or disposable sponges.

For enhanced product infusion, glide MySkinBuddy device on Mode #2 with chosen LED color to target your specific concerns across the skin for the preset 5 minutes. Follow by using Saian Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber for a graceful mask removal and deeper pore cleansing. 

3.38oz. / 100mL

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