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Cleansers require the careful balance of clearing the skin of impurities while not over-stripping natural oils, and the Herbal Cream Cleanser has just that!

With a nutrient-packed formulation featuring Vitamin B5 and a potent redness- and puff-reducing peptide blend as the stars, our Herbal Cream Cleanser gently cleanses, hydrates, brightens and revitalizes all skin types.

For anyone who needs a surge of hydration while still achieving a thorough cleanse that keeps pores clear, our Herbal Cream Cleanser, which also features a proprietary Hyaluronic Acid matrix (and a full garden of natural ingredients) will become your skin’s new BFF.

3.38oz. / 100mL

Clinical Data Findings - Upgraded formula as of March 2024. 

  • In a clinical study of the proprietary Hyaluronic Acid matrix used in our Herbal Cream Cleanser formulation, it was found that after one hour post-application, the skin hydration of the participant group who applied the HA blend increased by 155.1 percent and skin TEWL decreased by 32.3 percent, showcasing this HA blend’s efficiency and efficacy in skin moisture enhancement.

  • In a clinical study, the powerful proprietary plant botanical blend featured in our updated Herbal Cream Cleanser formulation was shown to increase skin's hydration, boost promotion of collagen synthesis, and increase synthesis of α2 1 integrins, which are responsible for the dermal-epidermal junction and cellular interactions. 

  • The peptide and antioxidant cocktail featured in our Herbal Cream Cleanser formulation delivers skin-soothing and complexion-calming results, such as a reduction in redness by 50 percent during a 4-week study.

  • Furthermore, in a 6-week study of four subjects, the proprietary anti-redness peptide blend has also been shown to significantly reduce skin inflammation / puffiness with a mean value of 42.86% puffiness reduction observed during the 6-week study.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

So gentle & hydrating! Literally my fav cleanser.

Gentle + Hydrating

Love this cleanser during all seasons but especially love it during the cold and dry winter months. I, like many others, really struggle with dull and uncomfortably dry skin during the winter time and this is the only thing that has done the trick for me. It's soft to the touch and always leaves the skin feeling hydrated and supple! Highly recommend.