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The vast majority of dry brush bristles on the market are sourced from pig or horse hair with manufacturing processes that could not vouch for the harvesting being done humanely, and many other options were made from petroleum-based production (aka plastic) which can be endocrine disrupting when used regularly on the body.

^ All of the above is a no-go for us and our glow-getters. 

Alternatively, Sisal is harvested by hand 2-3 cm from Pyllopodium, and is cut at and angle with a sharp flexible knife at approximately 45 degrees so that the raw materials can be cleaned and dried.

After processing, the bristles are built into the brush and are able to be reused daily to stimulate your microcirculation while detoxifying your entire system via stimulation and clearing of lymph, exfoliating the skin to reveal softer and smoother skin, increasing your overall cellular function for invigorated energy.

Directions: On dry skin and starting at the feet, gently brush upwards towards the heart. Shower (avoid super hot showers to keep skin supple) and apply Neroli Nirvana Oil on afterwards to seal in moisture and provide a protective hydrating barrier.

Avoid dry brushing on extremely sensitized skin, sunburnt skin and over chronic skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis.

*Keep in mind, your brush is perfectly imperfect, handmade and natural shedding of the bristles will occur.

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