Satin Emerald Hair Turban

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While we’re fiercely committed to our sacred skin care ritual, we find that our non-negotiable time investment to all things glowing skin means that our hair care routine needs to work in tandem. Whether you’re a curly girl with a 6-step product routine to get em poppin’, a blowout queen who only uses a couple products to get your strands sleek and shiny, or a wash-and-go gal - we all face the same struggle - that most haircare products are comedogenic. (If you’re not familiar with the term, comedogenic ingredients refer to pore-blocking ingredients, and they easily transfer to our pillows which then leads to breakouts…but not anymore!)

We’ve got a chic solution for you with our NEW Satin Emerald Hair Turbans!

‌These lux hair turbans will not only keep your hair products from co-meeting and mingling with your skin but they’ll also keep your hair style protected from getting roughed up and tangled during sleep.

‌Ready to work smarter and not harder and get a new addition to your product line-up that pulls double duty during your self-care ritual? Snag your own satin hair turban right here.