Squalane Pro-Healing Plant Medicine - 2mL Sample*

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Meet your skin's botanically-based superhero, our Squalane Pro-Healing Plant Medicine Serum. With pro-healing and barrier-strengthening ingredients including squalene, aloe, and Gotu Kola, just to name a few, the Squalane Pro-Healing Plant Medicine Serum combines the best of nature’s defensive and restorative properties to help your skin barrier heal as well as lock in hydration that immediately delivers a supple glowing complexion. With a lightweight formula that applies smoothly and leaves skin smooth and never tacky, this formulation is fit to be used both post-treatment and in your daily skincare ritual.

For daily use: Apply to clean skin twice daily - morning and evening.

Indications: This pro-healing plant medicine serum is for all skin types, including acneic and aging/dehydrated skin.


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Squalane Pro-Healing Plant Medicine - 2mL Sample*


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