Blue Moon Retinol Overnight Sleeping Mask - 2mL Sample*

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Giving a whole new meaning to the word "beauty sleep," our Blue Moon Retinal Overnight Sleeping Mask goes to work while you rest your head to deliver intense moisture that leaves skin smooth, supple, and fresh when you wake.

Used as an age-management and preventative/corrective cream, our Blue Moon Retinal Overnight Sleeping Mask is silky and buttery to the touch and contains a potent blend of botanicals, including the star ingredient Blue Tansy Oil, which increases cellular turnover and aids in minimizing the appearance of enlarged pores as well as brightening any uneven pigment.

Known as Moroccan Chamomile, the rarity and exclusivity of Blue Tansy Oil due to it’s seasonal crop in Northern Morocco makes this ingredient even more special alongside it’s unique benefits and qualities including the blue undertones created by the formation of Chamazulene, which naturally occurs when the plant’s material is exposed to heat from steam during the distillation process.

The resulting Chamazulene from this process is the active magic that enriches Blue Tansy Oil with soothing, anti-inflammatory properties that calm the skin almost instantly.

Retinol is the other powerhouse ingredient you’ll find in the Blue Moon Overnight Sleeping Mask and pairs beautifully with the Blue Tansy Oil, which immediately counteracts the retinol’s irritating nature and allows its best qualities to shine forth for promoting collagen production and youthful cellular turnover 

Aligning with its name, the Blue Moon Overnight Sleeping Mask works best when applied at sun down and at the end of your P.M. skin routine (cleansing, toning ritual, corrective Vitamin C + EGF serum cocktail, et al). Yes, the closer to dusk, the better! 

Finally, those who enjoy this formulation will notice a distinctive scent of sweet sage with a light herbaceous aroma that washes one’s being with a sense of peace through connectedness with the Earth’s ingredients.


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Blue Moon Retinol Overnight Sleeping Mask - 2mL Sample*


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