Work AND Play: 2024 Trade Shows

Trade shows offer a remarkable opportunity for forging connections, gaining knowledge, immersing oneself in experiences, and exploring through travel! We eagerly seize the opportunity to combine work with play and we'd love to share our recent experiences - balancing professionalism with leisure. Let us embrace the notion that work and play are not mutually exclusive, but rather complementary components!


We kicked off the trade show season with a big impact by participating in the ICES/LNE Dallas and Philly Conferences in March and April! From meaningful interactions with attendees, engaging live demos to showcase popular products and accessories, and distributing hundreds of FREE totes filled with HSS goodies - our experiences in Dallas and Philly were truly memorable! As we prepare for upcoming events like Premiere Orlando and ICES/LNE Miami, let's reflect on the excitement we've already shared and offer a glimpse into what lies ahead!

The heart of any conference lies in the connections made- Dallas and Philly did not disappoint. From seasoned professionals to eager newcomers, the energy and passion for skincare was enthusiastic! We connected with 400+ brilliant esthetician  attendees who visited our sacred space and attended our masterclass.

This year at ICES/LNE Dallas and Philly we formally introduced our brand new protocol “Boujee Secrets to Tightening Brightening & Clarifying: Unleashed'' featuring a brilliantly curated protocol full of add-on treatments with a live demonstration.  Attendees raved about the innovative techniques, valuable insights and encouragement shared by our team of experts so they can confidently expand their treatment room offerings and increase profit margins.

If you missed us at either ICES/LNE show, you still have the opportunity to connect, learn and shop with us at Premiere Orlando June 1-3, Booth #2017 with live demo masterclasses Saturday June 1st at 10am and Sunday June 2nd at 2pm in room titled “Glow-Up Guru: Revamping Your Facials with Cutting-Edge Techniques” in W204A.



We strive to maximize our time during trade show travels, with our team relishing in excellent dining experiences or exploring visually pleasing neighborhoods. It's essential to provide nourishment for your bodies during times that often require high energy and demand! Say it with us, "We deserve it!" 

Not only do you have the chance to discover new restaurants and cafes, but you also get to immerse yourself in the culture of a fresh city. It's undoubtedly a win-win! While the work-to-play ratio may be around 80:20, we want you to understand that it's achievable and significantly enhances the trade show experience to a whole new level! As an attendee, you have complete control over customizing that ratio as well! 

Exploring new cities presents fantastic content opportunities for both your business and personal brand. The phrase "Work smarter, not harder" is a familiar adage to many of us.Trade shows are intended to be enjoyable and offer a distinctive experience, which is why we strive to ensure they live up to exactly that!

Our team takes delight in collaborating to select destinations within each hosted city for leisurely strolls, shopping, or dining. If you're keen on exploring more about these specific locales, whether it's the most charming Italian eatery or the most picturesque neighborhood, please let us know! We're excited to share our experiences so that you can enjoy them too!

It's important to recognize that striking a harmonious balance between work and play is not only feasible but also vital for overall well-being. By acknowledging the value of leisure alongside productivity, we can optimize our efficiency, creativity, and overall satisfaction. Embracing moments of recreation not only rejuvenates the mind and body but also fosters a more enriching and fulfilling experience.

Keep your eyes on our Events tab on our site to see our future events lineups! 

Send us a text for inside info on upcoming event details at 727-353-1444.

See you soon, glow-getters!