Elevate Your Esthetic Practice: Join The Esthetic Challenge Today!

As a fellow professional in the field of Esthetics and Lead Educator for Herbal Skin Solutions & The Esthetics Academy, I'm thrilled to share with my glow-getters an incredible opportunity that has the potential to transform your skincare practice, elevate your influence within the community, and encourage confidence alongside personal growth in the treatment room. Herbal Skin Solutions is proud to present our very first “The Esthetic Challenge”, designed exclusively for passionate professionals like you who are committed to excellence and continual growth in the ever-evolving world of skin and self care.

Throughout this challenge, participants will have an exclusive opportunity to showcase their expertise while utilizing the proven efficacy of Herbal Skin Solutions products, devices, and distributed modalities. With ingredients backed by years of scientific research and protective skin-strengthening range of product formulations, our skincare and tools are tailored to deliver results, ensuring that you can confidently demonstrate your skills (on yourself, or clients) with the support of our exceptional skincare solutions & modalities. If you haven’t had the chance to try Herbal Skin Solutions tried and true product line, Whether you’re newly licensed or have years of experience, we encourage all to show up and show off those results you have worked so hard to achieve! 

The Esthetic Challenge spans over 12 weeks focusing on three specialized categories: Acne Clearing, Age Management, and Hyperpigmentation/Scar Removal, while documenting through photos, videos, and written protocols to be submitted through our Skin Transformation Form by September 15, 2024. You can participate in as many of the 3 categories as you choose.

We believe in recognizing and celebrating the dedication and talent of our Herbal Skin Solutions team of providers. That's why we're offering substantial rewards to honor excellence in each category. From cash prizes to shopping credits and ongoing training opportunities from The Esthetics Academy, the rewards are truly reflective of your dedication and commitment to excellence within the Esthetic industry and your community. 

1st Place: 

  • $2,000 cash prize
  • $1,000 in Herbal Skin Solutions shopping credits
  • $1,000 towards ongoing training credits with The Esthetics Academy

2nd Place

  • $1,000 in Herbal Skin Solutions shopping credits
  • $1,000 towards ongoing training credits with The Esthetics Academy

3rd Place

  • $500 in Herbal Skin Solutions shopping credits
  • $500 for ongoing training credits from The Esthetics Academy

Visualize your journey as a reflection of personal and professional transformation, perfecting your craft, and mastering innovative techniques and protocols that will set you apart in the industry, while also reaffirming what a rockstar Esty you are! I encourage you to join us in this journey of excellence, meet new Esty Besties, and together, let's raise the bar in the world of Esthetics. 

The Esthetic Challenge” registration is now open to all participants!

- Brand Educator & Esthetician, Ashley Hanlon*