Social media marketing packages for the thriving spa professional !

Each package will include 2 hours of one-on-one training (broken up into 2 1-hour sessions) on the basics of social media marketing, including what to post, how often and when to post, taking quality photos and videos, creative resources, addressing pain points, etc.

Package 1: The Basics

    • Includes up to 3 posts/week on 2 profiles of your choice, community management, and setup/management of 1 ad campaign per month (using client’s billing setup - ad spend not included) and related pixel.
    • *Recommend choosing Facebook for one of the two profiles
    • **Recommend NOT including Instagram - best left to someone on-site. Instagram use and best practices can be addressed during training.
    • ***Recommended basic ad spend to have on hand: $100 per month
    • $400/month

Package 2: The Boost

    • Same as basic package, but includes 1 additional profile and 1 additional ad campaigns (ad spend not included).
    • Recommend minimum of $200 ad spend on hand.
    • $475/month

 Package 3: The Bookmark

    • Includes all items from the Boost package
    • Includes 1 blog/month for website & social sharing
    • Includes one-time website checkup, analysis, and recommendations
    • Includes ongoing Analytics and SEO monitoring for life (or as long as you stick with us)
    • $575/month


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